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We have created this website in the hope that it can be an online space for finding and sharing resources about ways to engage with voices that people hear or similar experiences people might have.

The terms voices, hearing voices and voice hearers are being used on this site but please think of them in the broadest possible way. Hearing voices – as well as sensing things that other people might not – are common human experiences that sits on a very wide spectrum and there are many ways to name, understand and talk about these experiences.

Hearing voices is an umbrella term for many different ways of sensing things that are often unique to the person who has the experience. Calling it ‘hearing voices’ doesn’t resonate with everyone. Other ways of talking about these things could be by naming it as intrusive thoughts, subpersonalities, djinns, spirit guides, schizophrenia, auditory hallucinations, persecution, electronic harassment, thought transmissions, extrasensory perception, inner voices, ancestors and invisible presences.

We also recognise that engaging with these experiences is not always helpful and it is important that each person find what works for them. Engaging with voices and using friendly and compassionate ways of doing this is just one approach to these experiences.

We wanted to created this website because people who want to try and be friendly with voices often struggle to find resources about how to go about it. Also it can be hard to find other people to network with and get support from whether you hear voices yourself or know someone who does in your personal or professional life.

How it came about

In 2017 there was a gathering in Reading, UK of people with an interest in how to talk with voices, compassionate approaches to voices, Voice Dialogue facilitation and similar ideas. Over 2 days people shared their work in these areas and talked about how to move forward.

The idea of an online space for resources came up. A space where it would be possible to share a range of things related to engaging with voices – research, books, events and a range of media and maybe also an overview of places and people where this work is happening.

The gathering also sparked the idea of creating videos introducing various ways to engage with voices. These videos were made available online in 2019 and there was a small launch event in London.

Moving forward

The website has been a long time underway. The people involved are all doing this voluntarily and in their spare time so dealing with website design, hick ups and such just takes longer.

We are trying to keep it simple so that it will hopefully be a space we can sustain even when life demands our attention else where.

However it does mean that we ask for people’s patience. Resources will be added over time and we welcome suggestions for relevant information to put up. Please use contact form to get in touch if you have any ideas.

And maybe some day we will find a way to make it a hub for networking or finding events, training, etc

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